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8025Re: [SCA-JML] Kendoist with no time needing armour!

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  • Ii Saburou
    Jul 7, 2002
      On Sun, 7 Jul 2002, SirRichTS wrote:

      > My first foray into SCA will be as Tendo Sato, the Ronin Wander and
      > will go from there. Can anyone help Arm, Armour and Equip me? These
      > are a few things I would like to pick up...

      > Armour (Duh, I'll just wear my kendo stuff for class and formals)

      I would recommend trying that question at the armour archive
      (www.armourarchive.org). They may be able to help you find the best of
      what you're looking for.

      > No Dachi style sword (The Japanese version of the Great sword)
      > Spear
      > Long and Short sword set

      Find a rattan dealer online or near you. I believe there is someone out
      in CA who ships them across the country. Otherwise, look for someone
      nearby (your local SCA branch should be able to help you out). Look at
      www.sca.org for the marshal handbooks which will tell you what kind of
      measurements you will need.

      > Hakama and Jacket


      I would recommend starting with a kosode and hakama. Look under the
      'files' section of the Yahoo!groups page for patterns--they are fairly
      easy. Check with your local Arts and Sciences minister if you need help
      putting them together; most places I know have garb workshops at least
      once a month, if not more. Japanese garb is nice because it is basically
      rectangles, for the most part.

      > Maybe a overmantle

      After the kosode, go with a hitatare for formal wear. Maybe a kataginu
      (hitatare without the arms). For leisure wear you want a dobuku, and
      perhaps a jinbaori when you start fighting. For information on any of
      these, check out www.sengokudaimyo.com--look at the clothing section.

      > .... All the weapons and gear of course need to be SCA Legal, I'm not
      > made of money but we could work out a arrangement. As the Bushido
      > says once a Samuari sets oneself on a course he must not faulter. If
      > I'm going to do this I'm going all the way.

      Very well. If you would like assistance on any particular
      part--documenting a name, etc.--please let us know.

      > Plus what is the name of the SCA group in Kansas City or around here?
      > I need to get in touch with them. Thanks Guys.. Gomen.. Domo Arigato
      > Gosimasu

      Dou itashimashite*. (BTW, just an FYI, if you use Japanese it is usually
      a good idea to translate it also as not everybody understands Japanese).

      Go to www.sca.org for more info on local groups, as I believe someone else

      Hope we are helping!


      *--'you're welcome'
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