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7995Re: [SCA-JML] help a newbee?

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  • Elaine Koogler
    Jul 1, 2002

      Just a small correction to you message...and others out there, please correct me if I'm wrong. As I understand it, the -sama honorific may not be a period form of address. I know...I went under the assumption that -san and -sama were period until very recently, but have been given to understand that they are not.

      Also, I don't believe that one would call oneself -sama. Again, as I understand it (which may be faulty), it is an honorific which one uses in addressing others. It would be the same as signing yourself "Mr. So and so" when signing a letter.

      And, by the way....I'm in Atlantia, albeit the northern part, as are several others.

      Minowara Kiritsubo
      ----- Original Message -----

      Konnichiwa Dave-sama,

      I am Takeda Yoshinaka-sama, a Samurai residing in the Canton of St. Georges,
      (Clemson SC). I've had a Samurai persona for about 9 years and playing SCA
      for about 11. Please Email me with any questions you may have. There are so
      few Japanese personas in Atlantia, and especially the South.

      In Service to the Dream,

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