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7994Re: [SCA-JML] help a newbee?

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  • Takedasama@AOL.com
    Jul 1, 2002
      Konnichiwa Dave-sama,

      I am Takeda Yoshinaka-sama, a Samurai residing in the Canton of St. Georges,
      (Clemson SC). I've had a Samurai persona for about 9 years and playing SCA
      for about 11. Please Email me with any questions you may have. There are so
      few Japanese personas in Atlantia, and especially the South.

      In Service to the Dream,

      > Greetings
      > I am interestedin putting together a Japanes persona for SCA
      > activities.Any help would be greatly Appreciated Ie how to pick a
      > name,Heraldry,I have been using Sir Anthony J Bryants web site to
      > construct a set of Armor and begin work on my Do this weekend after
      > much clipping and measuring i finally got the Pattern right and start
      > on the metal tommorrow.I spent 2 years living in Okinawa in the US
      > marines but I am just now becoming interested in the SCA and would
      > love to hear from any veteran members or just New folks just like
      > me.I live in the Kingdom of Atlantia in the Canton of Aire
      > Faucon.Spartanburg S.C.in Mundane language.
      > Thanks for all help
      > Domo
      > Dave Jones
      > (Samurai at Heart)

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