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7981Re: [SCA-JML] Sushi

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  • Trella Ocelot
    Jun 23, 2002
      Thanks for the tip! However, I expect I'll be pretty much limited to the downtown and historic Philly area, since I'm going on a tour bus...beats driving all on my own...
      Nate Ledbetter <ltdomer98@...> wrote:
      --- Trella Ocelot <trellaocelot@...> wrote:
      > Onigiri (rice balls), *are* period. Hmm...need to
      > get some molds for that, make it easier...hopefully
      > I'm going to Philly later in the year...and there's
      > a Chinatown there...hmmmm...
      > Some food info for the Heian period can be found
      > at...http://www.taleofmurasaki.com/foodspage.htm
      > Purrs!

      If you are in Philly, there is an awesome
      Japanese/Korean grocery store just across the NJ
      border in Mt Laurel, I think. Don't remember the name,
      but it's by far the best pure Asian grocery I've
      seen--beats the pants off of Yaohan/Mitsuwa and
      Uwajimaya in that area, but doesn't have the other
      stuff (travel agency, bookstore, liquor store, etc.).


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