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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    May 9, 2002
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      rujoking99@... wrote:

      > I live over in Atlantia, and we /always/ get sorely chided about heavy
      > hitting and rhino-hiding. ("Where did you hide the rhino, Prince Cuan?
      > I can't seem to find it!") And as far as 16 versus 14 versus 12, I've
      > always been afraid (to the point of paranoia) of banging my big noggin
      > on something. So yeah, 16 and 14 are just fine for non-phobic people,
      > but I'm weird that way. Of course, if I don't like getting hit on the
      > head, what the heck am I doing on the lists?! <G>
      > And thanks for the translation of "flute."

      Well, in Japanese usage. If you want to translate fue into English, you may
      *well* be safest calling it "Japanese flute" because a fue is certainly
      *not* the typical western flute. At least, not the modern one. It's almost
      more like a fife. That's why I generally shy away from translating
      specifically the names of Japanese things that don't have direct analogues
      in English.

      > "Just plain flute" is
      > probably closer than "Noh flute" to what I wanted, since I play pretty
      > much everything that's put in front of me. Anyone know a good place to
      > get a relatively inexpensive but still serviceable shakuhachi?

      Be prepared to shell out bux. A lathe-turned hardwood practice shakuhachi
      will cost you around $100. Real bamboo models cost more, usually. Do a
      search on e-bay from time to time and see what comes up. Lark in the Morning
      (http://www.larkinam.com) stocks at least the practice ones, IIRC.

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