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  • rujoking99@mac.com
    May 9, 2002
      I live over in Atlantia, and we /always/ get sorely chided about heavy
      hitting and rhino-hiding. ("Where did you hide the rhino, Prince Cuan?
      I can't seem to find it!") And as far as 16 versus 14 versus 12, I've
      always been afraid (to the point of paranoia) of banging my big noggin
      on something. So yeah, 16 and 14 are just fine for non-phobic people,
      but I'm weird that way. Of course, if I don't like getting hit on the
      head, what the heck am I doing on the lists?! <G>

      And thanks for the translation of "flute." "Just plain flute" is
      probably closer than "Noh flute" to what I wanted, since I play pretty
      much everything that's put in front of me. Anyone know a good place to
      get a relatively inexpensive but still serviceable shakuhachi?

      Kinoshita Yoshimori: A question with every reply!
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