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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    May 8, 2002
      rujoking99 wrote:

      > > 2. for combat.... has anyone fought heavy with one?
      > > and if so what guage steel did you use? i know its a
      > > little strange but it will complement the tatami do im
      > > working on well.
      > I have seen a few English personae fight with helms with wide
      > brims, like a sun hat, only SCA legalized. These helmets were
      > period for the latter Hundred Years' War, because they could be
      > cheaply made and kept some of the rain off.

      Actually, kettlehats go back to the 13th century.... Standard cheap infantry
      wear in some places.

      > However, their chief
      > disadvantage is that when the brim gets struck, the whole helm
      > see-saws on your head. With no straps, the way the helmets
      > were designed to be worn, the see-sawing just causes the helm
      > to flip off.

      I think most of them *had* some kind of strapping.

      > But with SCA strapping techniques, your neck would
      > take much too much punishment from holding your head up
      > straight.

      Can you say "whiplash"? <G>

      > > any one have input/ suggestions/
      > > experiences/ recomended thicknesses with and without
      > > rolling. im figuring 16 will definately need a roll
      > > while 14 might take the abuse.
      > I would be worried with 16-gauge on my head. I don't think I
      > would trust my noggin to 14 gauge either, and personally, I'd
      > prefer 12-gauge, but I'm a little paranoid that way. One of the
      > Black Diamond Baronial Relics (tm) is the Helm of Ishmael, and
      > appears to be thicker than 10 gauge. But the helm can't be worn
      > safely by any normal human, so the weight isn't much of an
      > issue.

      I don't know about the way people fight out where you are, but 14 is
      perfectly fine for me. Heck, if there's no dishing involved, if the plate is
      just curved, even 16 is fine, but it'll get dented. Of course, it'll dent
      well before *you* suffer any ill effects. The problem with 16 gg. is
      cosmetic, not safety.

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