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7851Re: Question for the heralds on the list

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  • dateyukiie
    May 8, 2002
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      --- In sca-jml@y..., Elaine Koogler <ekoogler1@c...> wrote:
      > I don't see why it wouldn't be acceptable...unless someone objects
      to the combination of Japanese elements with European ones.
      > Kiri

      Konnichi wa tomodachi...O genki desuka?
      I have a simple/complex question...which I have been known to
      articulate on the odd occasion...
      Please understand that this is not meant to shoot at the many
      wonderful hearalds who have even tried to render a japanese kamon into
      hearald-speak...but I feel their efforts are needlessly wasted...
      When will the SCA get over this nonsense of only allowing the
      registration of western hearaldry...in western language?
      When will the eastern flavor be codefied and allowed, without having
      to turn our basically simple and easy to render descriptions of
      devices into language understood by the Marquis du Sod?
      Cal it a Kamon, mon, or any other Japanese "form" of visual
      identification (lest anyone object to the western word device) and a
      whole new set of rules apply...by definition, the language difference
      should preclude arguments between a roman soldier who has a pair of
      bent willow trees for a badge, and a japanese who displays bamboo in a
      demi circle, which is not a Roman Laural...(example only...)
      The clothing and persona of the wearer is already two points of
      difference...the language is a third...
      I know this is a ball of fire...but I just wanted to hear what other
      esteemed gentles think...on this list, anyway...
      Domo arigato...
      Yama Kaminari no Date Saburo Yukiie
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