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7810Question for the heralds on the list

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  • daviem01
    May 7, 2002
      Greetings to all,

      I am finally getting around to registering my name and device. I was
      helped in this by the esteemed Master Tirloch of Tallaght, who okayed
      my ideas, but I would appreciate just a little more input before I
      send the forms off.

      My question is this: the main charge on my device is a three-tailed
      white fox (passant sinister). This is meant to evoke the idea of a
      kitsune (a Japanese fox spirit), although it is not blazoned with
      that exact word. My persona is not Japanese (11th-century Hiberno-
      Norse) nor would this figure have been used in Japanese heraldry-- I
      just really liked the image, and it is a rather unusual charge. :)
      (I may come up with an alternate Japanese persona in the future,
      since that is my other major "period" of interest.)

      I suppose, then, that my question is more "pure heraldry" than
      anything else: is this charge likely to be accepted? Foxes are
      common in English heraldry, and other beasts are frequently portrayed
      double- or triple-tailed, so the individual elements are not "weird"--
      it's the combination that might raise eyebrows. In that case, would
      it be helpful for me to attach a note explaining what the charge was
      inspired by, since the kitsune (although not heraldic) was certainly
      period for Japan?

      Many thanks for your assistance and expertise in this matter,
      Aine ingen Sindri (until recently, Ellen of Ponte Alto)
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