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  • Elaine Koogler
    Mar 7, 2002
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      It will be next June and I'll will probably need help with ideas for
      the feast. Our shire cook is great, but so far has only done Spanish
      and Middle Eastern feasts. FYI, she was the cook for the past two
      Haflas held in Pennsylvania somewhere. Right now, the event is still
      in the brainstorming stage. We just found a great camping site, which
      if it works out, will be our only camping site in the county. If we
      use that, all cooking will have to be off site or over a fire.

      That could present some problems. Most of the Japanese dishes, and especially the ones with a Portuguese influence are cooked fresh just before serving. There are some pickles that can be done ahead of time, but most other stuff can't. I'll go through my cookbooks and see what I can come up with. How about using camp stoves and/or those turkey cookers?

      marshal has some good ideas for the heavies, but the group really
      wants to figure out a way to include rapier. The idea being "late
      period with a touch of Portugese thrown in". I'm not sure how that
      will work, but our last two events were very theme heavy and excluded
      the rapier community. This area has a strong rapier community and
      we'd like to include them. Any ideas on that one?

      Well, you could include something having to do with the Portuguese...maybe a melee with the rapier fighters against the heavy? Or perhaps a Portuguese tournament to amuse the Japanese guests? I'll have to think about this one.

      Our children's
      minister is also looking for ideas for kids' activites.

      There are several possibilities here. Kite making, origami, and silk dyeing (can be done using small squares of an inexpensive white silk and dipping the fabric into Kool-Aid...works like a champ!! If interested, I can forward more complete details). This last one was so much fun that we had a hard time keeping adults away! Older kids could be taught to play Chinese Chess and/or Go.

      I know it's
      far into the future, but we generally have to reserve our sites at
      least a year in advance. That's why we only do one a year and they
      usually really good.

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