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7410Re: [SCA-JML] Re: hitatare patern question

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Mar 6, 2002
      urufu_tenzo wrote:

      > The pattern reads as follows " Left body (20x38) (32+36)"

      Ah, okay. I see the problem.

      I wasn't as consistent with the measurement. The (32+36)" is the finished
      length of the back (32) and the front (36); I didn't put in the width. The
      finished width of the WHOLE back should be about 28-32 inches, depending on
      how large a garment you want.

      Thanks for pointing out the problem to me. I'll try to get that fixed and


      > Is the front really 20" wide by 38" long and the back 32" wide by 36"
      > long? And same thing for the right side? If thats correct then I'm
      > just having difficulty translating numbers to shapes (it seems too
      > large and not in proportion to the picture). If I'm reading it wrong
      > help me understand the differnce between the front and back of each
      > side. Sorry for bothering you about what should be a simple
      > subject :).
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