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7391Re: hitatare patern question

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  • urufu_tenzo
    Mar 2 12:06 AM
      --- In sca-jml@y..., "Anthony J. Bryant" <ajbryant@i...> wrote:
      > urufu_tenzo wrote:
      > > the measurements for the hitatare patern in the files are
      > > me. On the body there are two measurements in parenthasis.On the
      > > other parts the one in parenthasis is without seems and folds.
      > > is which on the body? Which is length and which is width?Which
      one is
      > > front and which back? What is the purpose and construction of the
      > > second (shorter) sleave piece?
      > >
      > Well, which is length and width should be obvious: the long one
      goes one
      > way, and the shorter one is the other. <G> As to the two numbers,
      the legend
      > on the side says that the larger number is the size you cut the
      cloth to,
      > and the smaller number is the size of the actual piece with the
      hems and
      > seams in place, and -- in the case of the sleeve -- the fold over.
      What that
      > means is that if you see a sleeve marked 60 x 20 (28 x 18) it means
      that the
      > cloth is cut to 60 x 20 inches, and then folded over to form the
      sleeve and
      > hemmed and seamed so that the width is 18 inches and the depth of
      the sleeve
      > is 28.
      > As to the "second, shorter" sleeve piece, if you look at the
      > you'll notice that all the hitatare (except the peasant-scum model)
      > sleeves made in two parts, a wider one, and a second half-wide
      part. THAT'S
      > what the narrower sleeve piece is -- it's the far end of the sleeve.
      > Otherwise, the sleeve would end just after your elbow.
      > Effingham
      > up too dang late

      The pattern reads as follows " Left body (20x38) (32+36)"

      Is the front really 20" wide by 38" long and the back 32" wide by 36"
      long? And same thing for the right side? If thats correct then I'm
      just having difficulty translating numbers to shapes (it seems too
      large and not in proportion to the picture). If I'm reading it wrong
      help me understand the differnce between the front and back of each
      side. Sorry for bothering you about what should be a simple
      subject :).

      Urufu Tenzo
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