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  • Elaine Koogler
    Jan 17, 2002
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      I have to admit that I cheat.  I know that they are supposed to be longer than I am.  However, I did try to wear them the way they were supposed to be worn, and managed not only to just about kill myself by tripping over them, but several others around me, including the Crown Princess at the time (back in the dim red dawn of time, when rocks were soft!)  So I made an executive decision then that I would have to err on the side of safety and common sense and wear them at a length that brushes the top of my feet...sorry guys, but, between two arthritic knees and a bad back...and the fact that I'm usually in a hurry to get to wherever I'm going...I can't afford to be strictly period here!  ;-)
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      - the first is they get kind of bunched
      >   around the ankles so that I have to kick my feet free and the
      second is that
      >   they get pulled down lower and lower around my waist as I go.  Any
      >   suggestions on how to keep this from happening or is that normal?

      Well, I have sloved this in two ways.  First, I wear my nagabakama at
      a high waist.  We don't have any pictures that show where the
      waistband lies and there is proof that the Nara fashion was to wear
      the skirts and pants high waisted.  Because of my shape, this helps
      them stay up.  The other way to avoid slippage is to take tiny little
      shuffling steps.  Yeah, it takes a while to gt anywhere and it doesn't
      work on carpet.

      I get the
      >   impression that women of the Heian era didn't do much hiking.
      Also, what
      >   kind of footwear should I wear?  I was going to wear tabi - is
      >   something better?

      I either wear plain old socks (nylon trouser socks or knee high
      stockings help to avoid slippage, cotton socks encourage slippage) or
      go bare feet. 

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