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7031Re: [SCA-JML] I think I'm ready...

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Jan 16, 2002
      Emily Glick wrote:

      > I've been busy.
      > I met Kuji and his family over new years and had a very nice time. They
      > invited me to join them for Twelfth Night which is next weekend.

      Splendid fellow! Hope you have a spiff time! I was hoping to do 12th Night, but
      my foot is still out of commission and I can't see myself driving that far just
      to hobble on crutches all afternoon. Maidens will be my "first day out" this

      > Those nagabakama are some "phat" pants. Laid out on the floor they look
      > like pants for a giant. I can walk in them pretty well as long as I don't
      > go too fast but 2 things happen - the first is they get kind of bunched
      > around the ankles so that I have to kick my feet free and the second is that
      > they get pulled down lower and lower around my waist as I go. Any
      > suggestions on how to keep this from happening or is that normal?

      You have to walk very slowly. Free hands, to kind of pull the garment forward
      as you walk, help. You also have to rethink how you walk; this requires not
      "steps" per se, but more "lift foot only enough to take weight off it, and
      GLIDE the foot forward." Your knees scarcely should move. It's almost as if you
      had skates on.

      > I get the
      > impression that women of the Heian era didn't do much hiking. Also, what
      > kind of footwear should I wear? I was going to wear tabi - is there
      > something better?

      You should be barefoot, ideally.

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