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7013RE: [SCA-JML] Nakanunara

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  • mokurai
    Jan 10, 2002
      That was what I meant, actually. I didn't think any of the warlords were
      involved in it's writing. I was wondering if there was any data on where the
      thing originated. Perhaps I should have said "folkloric roots" rather than
      history. Whatever.

      - mokurai

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      mokurai wrote:

      > Ok, but what is the history of this? I was only aware that it was a folk
      > synopsis of their differing styles as tacticians/leaders - with Tokugawa
      > being the final exemplar since he was the patient one who won out in the
      > end. Any more background?

      Not really. It's probably about as historical as Abe Lincoln's writing his
      lessons in chalk on a coal shovel, Washington chopping the cherry tree down,
      or Robert the Bruce being inspired by a *spider*. A good story, tells us a
      bit about the character of the person it's told about, *could* have
      happened... but 99.9% likely that it didn't. <G>


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