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  • mokurai
    Jan 10 2:48 PM
      Ok, but what is the history of this? I was only aware that it was a folk
      synopsis of their differing styles as tacticians/leaders - with Tokugawa
      being the final exemplar since he was the patient one who won out in the
      end. Any more background?

      - mokurai

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      Nate Ledbetter wrote:

      > A little help from those more knowledgeable on the
      > board:
      > There is a famous trio of poems, "composed" by Oda
      > Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu, all
      > revolving around a hototogisu, or nightengale.
      > Although probably not composed until much later, it
      > supposedly is a commentary/gives us insight into the
      > thinking of each.
      > Oda Nobunaga's was
      > nakanunara
      > koroshite shimae
      > hototogisu
      > (forgive my rough translation) If the nightengale
      > won't sing, kill it.
      > Tokugawa Ieyasu's was
      > nakanunara
      > naku made matou
      > hototogisu
      > If the nightngale won't sing, wait until it does.
      > Hideyoshi's was along the lines of "if the nightengale
      > won't sing, make it (coax it) to sing."

      Hideyoshi's was "Nakashite miyou." A bit stronger than coax, but yeah.

      BTW, I remember some place where others provided their own middle line to
      "nakanu nara .... hototogisu."

      I liked "nakanu nara / betsu ni ii-n da / hototogisu" (if it doesn't sing,
      the nightingale, what does it matter?) and "nakanu nara / kawari ni nakou /
      hototogisu" (if it doesn't sing, the nightingale, I'll sing in its place.)


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