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6286Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Now that I opened a can of worms (was Trade pots for Garb)

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Oct 15, 2001
      Mercy Neumark wrote:

      > OK...from what we've discussed thus far:
      > Late period (near the turn of the century).

      > Well...with this being said, can I have a craftsman that sold to the daimyo
      > of Kaga (side note...Kaga? Like Chairman Kaga on Iron Chef? Sorry for the
      > geek question, but I was curious.).

      If my memory serves me.... yup.

      > What is happening in my life is that I
      > am going to be the Kingdom of Caid's court potter in the next reign. So,
      > I'd like to keep with the SCA in some regards...you know what I mean? I
      > don't mind doing a craftsman in Japan. My italian persona is just a potter
      > as well, so I'm thinking its easier for me to remember.
      > So, if this works, can you tell me what I'd be wearing to work and what my
      > "sunday best" would be?

      A clean (nice pattern, nice color) kosode with a clean apron (perhaps). Common
      folk have it easy in costume stuff. This is actually a hard one for me, as the
      ones who have that type of function tend to be... well, men, and men's garb is
      easier to suggest for something like that since women don't typically (never
      that I know of) function in that way...

      > Suggestions on prefectures where I could have been
      > born and work at?

      Actually, anywhere would be likely. There are places more famous for pottery
      (good clay to start with, I guess). Your pottery books should talk about places
      like Seto and so on.

      > I'm thinking Kyoto, but maybe that's too typical.
      > Suggestions? Oh, is the name ok (Tasukawa Raku) still?


      > And thanks for all your help. :)
      > By the way, on Iron Chef, there was a challenger that had was a chef at a
      > small resturarnt...I don't remember the FIRST part of it, but there was that
      > "rakurakutei" word play in there somehow. Now I see what you were talking
      > about, Edward. Before I just nodded and smiled...whatever you say,
      > Edward-dono. :)


      Iron Chef Wetbar
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