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6162Re: [SCA-JML] Introduction: totally new to all of this

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  • Jedillore
    Oct 2, 2001
      on 10/2/01 4:48 PM, Anthony J. Bryant at ajbryant@... wrote:

      >>> Also, "okagesama de" is the response to "how are you," not "pleased to meet
      >>> you." -- But you'll pick up the Japanese bits more and more as we play. <G>
      >> What would have been the proper response? Dozo yoroshiku?
      > Yes, in fact, or perhaps "kochira koso" (hard to translate; if we translate
      > "Yoroshiku onegai shimasu" as "pleased to meet you", "kochira koso" is the
      > equivalent of "the pleasure's all mine").
      > Now, if you want to switch to period Japanese.... <G>

      Period? I don't think I'm quite ready for that.
      But... "Kochira koso." Hai. Wakarimasu.

      This does mean however, that I've made this mistake before. Like I said, I
      was trying to be super polite to Ii-dono. It would follow then that I've
      most likely made the same gaff greeting various sensei. <wince> They
      probably thought it was quaint...

      > You should see my calendar page in the Miscellany <G>.
      > http://www.geocities.com/sengokudaimyo .

      Your site is amazing. I've been slowly sifting through it and digesting it.
      I just haven't gotten to the calendar part yet. (Probably because I'm still
      trying to figure out how people's names worked! :-)

      > Flirting? Ummm... not as... um....
      > Did you see "Fletch"?
      > Juvenile delinquent: "Are you a cop?"
      > Fletch: "As far as you know."

      I didn't see Fletch, but I'm in a terribly good mood and got a huge laugh
      out of that quote. I shall have to see it. I think it will be the first
      movie in English I've seen in like a year...

      > Actually, it's rather easy. You get used to it. Of course, smooth wooden
      > floors
      > help...

      Say - perhaps my kendo ashi-sabaki will actually be useful for something
      besides kendo. We slide around on smooth wooden floors all the time.

      > Actually, no... <G> If you don't *know* an AoA, you probably don't have one.
      > <G>

      You'd be absolutely right about that. :-)

      > They'd probably use your surname plus "-dono."

      Ah. Okay. Too bad really. I was quite taken with the idea of being called
      "princess" even though I'm not one. I will have to earn it I suppose.

      As always, thanks for the info.

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