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6112RE: [SCA-JML] Re: Caucasians in kimono

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  • Munson, Eric
    Oct 1, 2001
      > ----------
      > From: Anthony J. Bryant
      > Well, we all have our sins and karmic burdens we must bear. There are even
      > those who say desire to attain detachment is itself an attachment, and
      > thus
      > indeed all is vain and we can only hope for is mercy.
      *sigh* what a world of torments is this life....
      Never figured you for an Amidist, Effingham. ^_~

      > >
      > > > LOL! Well, she is a perty spiff person, too. You're not so bad either,
      > but
      > > > she's just cuter than you are. <shrug>
      > > >
      > > If she weren't our wedding photos would look really weird. But hey,
      > you've
      > > met her, doesn't she seem like a Washu type?
      > If I say "yes" is she more likely to join up and Washu-you?
      I told her you said that this weekend and she just sorta winced. Thanks
      anyway. but that reminds me, any ideas on ways I can Japanify Halloween? I
      have my oni mask and armor and such, but some other ideas might be fun, too.
      This would be for Trick-or-treater benefit, not a party.

      - mokurai
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