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6083Re: New to the list with a question (now quilting)

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  • mneumark@hotmail.com
    Sep 28, 2001
      --- In sca-jml@y..., Elaine Koogler <ekoogler@c...> wrote:
      > I guess I may have misspoken...I did mean padded...not quilted, as
      we think of it.
      > Although...again I have read in one of my books on costuming, that
      the Japanese were
      > among one of the first cultures to do the piecework/patchwork as is
      seen in modern
      > western quilt tops!

      You know, I was on Steffan's Florgium looking over quilt stuff, and I
      think that europe was first with "crazy quilts". It said in there
      that crazy quilts were period, but I've NEVER seen any books or
      anything else ever referrence quilting was period either. Of course,
      I only started to look at the stuff and not all that deeply (yet).

      I have a book called "Omiyage" (I think) which is patchwork like
      little bags. It's mentioned that in period, the peasant class used
      to make little bags (the size of marble bags) and give them as gifts
      to their shogun/royality. I'm not sure if this is the case or not
      (Edward?) but the book is SO cool and has little bags that are in the
      shape of flowers, birds, fish and all sorts of other sewing
      projects. I'm thinking of making some anyhow for gifts. What the
      heq, huh? If they were period, it would be a PLUS for sure.

      Sashiko, (yeah, I like sashiko) isn't period, but blackwork IS, and I
      guess they both use the same sort of stitches. It's very frustrating
      to me that sashiko isn't period...I was hoping to make a sashiko
      table setting with a traditional ceramic tea set for Caid's
      Pentathlon in two years, but it isn't period. WAH!!!!

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