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59[SCA-JML] Re: tv show or movie????

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Oct 21, 1999
      nostrand@... wrote:

      > Noble Cousins!
      > There was a long standing dispute over whether SCA period should end
      > at 1600 or 1650. Quite a few members still contend that the cut off
      > should be 1650. The BoD ruled that the cut-off would be 1600. People
      > generally agree that documentaiton up to 1650 can be used.

      Regardless, the SCA cutoff is 1600.

      Period. (so to speak. <g>)

      The only "extra" allowed was a misguided Laurel ruling years ago to allow anything first
      documented between 1600 and 1650 under the supposition that if it's first public reference was
      then, it was POSSIBLE that it first appeared earlier, IN period.

      People started using this to claim things that were documentedly INVENTED in 1600-1650 (OOP) were
      allowable in the SCA under that rule.

      I do not and will not do post period. Nor can I or will I support it.

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