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  • debbie strub
    Jul 9, 2001

      Yeah! What she said!
      I've been doing a Japanese persona for most of my time in the SCA
      (20+ years) and have actually been told to my face that I had no business
      being in the SCA with a Japanese persona since it was "exclusively" for
      European personae. Trying to argue with anti-Japanese biased people just
      does no good. And pointing out that you have to research and work twice as
      hard to be seen as half as good as the European personae just annoys
      them. Don't let them get you down!!



      At 10:27 AM 7/9/2001 -0400, Barbara Nostrand wrote:
      >Noble Cousins!
      >Greetings from Solveig!
      > >In fact, there are records of them continuing to hold their
      > >husband's land and property, giving it over to their sons upon their
      > >death.
      >And then there is the traditional Japanese resident beside whom
      >her American counterpart pales by comparison. Basically, a married
      >man's mother has been known to rule his household. One can wonder
      >whether part of the attraction of mistresses is the absence of
      >one's own mother from these less official relationships.
      >Incidentally. I've thought a bit more about how to dispell the
      >critics faced by our new member. Tell the them that you are
      >doing some serious persona research. Every once in a while tell
      >them about something that you have discovered so that they know
      >that you are doing it. Seriously. Virtually nobody who is not
      >themselves interested in Japan is going to explore the stuff
      >that you are going to investigate.
      >They are ultimately blowing smoke because they think that they
      >do not like Japanese. Just try to be as admirable in what you
      >do as possible. I have heard people chorus that "we know that
      >there was no contact between Japan and Europe prior to 1601
      >because Japan was a closed country." When told that, no the
      >Portugese and the Spanish were quite active there, they have
      >then chorused "We know that no Japanese came to Europe prior
      >to 1601." Also a counterfactual notion. One detractor posted
      >a few years ago that Europeans and especially the pope would
      >refuse to consort with Japanese unless they dressed and behaved
      >as Europeans. Another mistaken notion. When the Japanese envoyes
      >arrived in Italy, the pope insisted that they enter Rome in state
      >riding on hourseback in their best Japanese finery. (ref. Sansom)
      >I think that people have overlearned this business about Cmdr.
      >Perry and the opening of Japan. Japan was not closed during
      >period. There were times when Japan was not interested in
      >diplomatic relations with China and Korea, but during those
      >periods, merchants still continued to travel between Japan and
      >the continent.
      >So what can you do? Demonstrating contact, &c. is not gauranteed
      >to work as many anti-Asians in the Society are not really
      >proceeding on the basis of scholarship, but out of shared bias.
      >Thus, I believe that the best thing for you to do is to simply
      >outdo your neighbors in the areas of research and recreation of
      >real historical stuff. Discover stuff about Japan which is
      >fun, and share that fun with others around you.
      > Your Humble Servant
      > Solveig Throndardottir
      > Amateur Scholar
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