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  • logan@modzer0.cs.uaf.edu
    Jul 9, 2001
      On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Barbara Nostrand wrote:

      > I think that people have overlearned this business about Cmdr.
      > Perry and the opening of Japan. Japan was not closed during
      > period. There were times when Japan was not interested in
      > diplomatic relations with China and Korea, but during those
      > periods, merchants still continued to travel between Japan and
      > the continent.

      As I recall, Cmdr. Perry was impressive in his Black Ships, but he hardly
      opened Japan single-handedly. The British and Portugese had already
      negotiated something, IIRC.

      Also, as to how closed Japan was during this time, I've found 'Kaempher's
      Japan' to be quite an amazing read. It was written by a European
      (Kaempher[sp?]) who traveled through Japan in the late 17th C, IIRC
      (Sorry, can't find the book right off hand). While he was hardly a
      typical example, it is a good look at the Edo Period from a Western

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