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  • Nate Ledbetter
    Jul 9, 2001
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      --- Barbara Nostrand <nostrand@...> wrote:
      > Noble Cousins!
      > Greetings from Solveig!
      > Incidentally. I've thought a bit more about how to
      > dispell the
      > critics faced by our new member. Tell the them that
      > you are
      > doing some serious persona research. Every once in a
      > while tell
      > them about something that you have discovered so
      > that they know
      > that you are doing it. Seriously. Virtually nobody
      > who is not
      > themselves interested in Japan is going to explore
      > the stuff
      > that you are going to investigate.
      > They are ultimately blowing smoke because they think
      > that they
      > do not like Japanese. Just try to be as admirable in
      > what you
      > do as possible. I have heard people chorus that "we
      > know that
      > there was no contact between Japan and Europe prior
      > to 1601
      > because Japan was a closed country." When told that,
      > no the
      > Portugese and the Spanish were quite active there,
      > they have
      > then chorused "We know that no Japanese came to
      > Europe prior
      > to 1601." Also a counterfactual notion. One
      > detractor posted
      > a few years ago that Europeans and especially the
      > pope would
      > refuse to consort with Japanese unless they dressed
      > and behaved
      > as Europeans. Another mistaken notion. When the
      > Japanese envoyes
      > arrived in Italy, the pope insisted that they enter
      > Rome in state
      > riding on hourseback in their best Japanese finery.
      > (ref. Sansom)
      > I think that people have overlearned this business
      > about Cmdr.
      > Perry and the opening of Japan. Japan was not closed
      > during
      > period. There were times when Japan was not
      > interested in
      > diplomatic relations with China and Korea, but
      > during those
      > periods, merchants still continued to travel between
      > Japan and
      > the continent.
      > So what can you do? Demonstrating contact, &c. is
      > not gauranteed
      > to work as many anti-Asians in the Society are not
      > really
      > proceeding on the basis of scholarship, but out of
      > shared bias.
      > Thus, I believe that the best thing for you to do is
      > to simply
      > outdo your neighbors in the areas of research and
      > recreation of
      > real historical stuff. Discover stuff about Japan
      > which is
      > fun, and share that fun with others around you.
      > Gambate!

      WELL SAID!!


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