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52[SCA-JML] Re: Asian personas

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Oct 17, 1999
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      fsjlb4 wrote:

      > PS: While I am here in Japan I am taking pictures of nearly everything they
      > allow me to (Unfortunately I can't take any pictures inside many museums). I
      > am going to have them put up on a website as soon as possible. If anyone
      > would like pictures of anything specific in the Nagoya area, please let me
      > know and I will see what I can do, though I can't promise anything.

      Are you the fella I sent that long list of Must-See museums to a few months ago?

      You HAVE to get to Nakamura Koen and visit the Hideyoshi/Kato Kiyomasa Museum.
      Very near the museum is a small temple housing a shrine dedicated to the memory
      of Kiyomasa (who was born there) and a few yards away another for Hideyoshi (who
      was born THERE.)

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