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4971Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Castle/Museum near Tokyo

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Jun 17, 2001
      ronbroberg@... wrote:

      > Thank you for the tips. I really appreciate them. However, since I
      > did not read them until tonight (Saturday), I went ahead with my plan
      > to visit Matsumoto.

      Cool. Matsumoto is one of my other favorite castles.

      > It is not too far from Yokota AFB (~Tachikawa);
      > it is about 2.5 hours by limited express. I am still amazed by how
      > far I can get with my extremely limited Japanese. I only know a
      > couple of hundred words and have no grammar skills. So now I am the
      > proud owner of a pair of waraji. The proprietress had no idea of how
      > t to tie them, so ...
      > Does anyone know how to wear waraji?

      I usually put 'em on my fee. <G>


      > In the museum attached to the castle, there was an armour with mogami
      > kosode that were hinged. Each of the 5 lames had two hinges built
      > into them. Can you tell me when such a sode would have been made and
      > why?

      You were probably looking at bishamon-gote. Those are kote where the sode is
      actually *part* of the sleeve, rather than a separate piece of armour. Quite
      often, these were hinged to make them more wearable, as being part of the
      sleeve they generally need more flexibility (and moulding to the arms) than
      the regularly freely flopping variety.

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