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49[SCA-JML] Re: tv show or movie????

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Oct 14, 1999
      Markejag@... wrote:
      > Sorry so late with the replies, but I do recall a BOD statement that the
      > ending period for the SCA was 1600 with special dispensation until 1650 to
      > allow for contingencies in cultures. (I.E., those fops) There was a great
      > discussion on the rialto about this years ago, of which I am unfamiliar with,
      > and the after shocks were more to the point that if it didn't effect your
      > personnel period or style then there was no more need for discussion.

      You are mis-remembering. The 50-year "grace period" was a good idea gone
      awry created by then Laurel King of Arms Wilhelm von Schlussel to allow
      the use in SCA heraldry of items that were first documented in the first
      half of the 17th century under the supposition that just because it was
      first mentioned doesn't mean it hadn't been around already for a few

      Unfortunately, it was wildly misused to allow things that were
      documentedly invented (rather than just referred to) between 1600 and
      1650, and it also spawned the misbelief that the SCA has (or at some
      point had) a 1650 cutoff date.

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