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  • Gara of Lions Gate
    May 14, 2001
      *Gara belatedly jumps up and down and waves at a fellow An Tirian!!!!*

      I'm sorry, I've been offline for the past couple of weeks... just plugging
      through the thousand+ emails that came through various lists. Bad bad Gara
      kept JML till last I'm afraid... well third to last, since the Northern
      Principality list is talking about the formal of coronet tourneys (very
      little interest), and sca-arts is talking about a variety of subjects which
      are all probably over my head.

      Anyhow, greetings Baroness Tsuruko (it is Baroness right?). I really hope
      that your class gets scheduled, because like I said, I don't recall seeing
      anything Japanese in any Ithra class listings. I honestly think that
      hands-on is the best way to learn, and if there is a class offering
      something people might be interested in, then this is the way for them to
      get involved. I'm dying to get back to "SCA civilization" as we know it, so
      that I'm not learning things solely from my computer.

      In any case, best wishes with your class!


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      From: "debbie strub" <Tsuruko@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2001 12:20 PM
      Subject: Re: [SCA-JML] Fw: Known World A & S - LAST CALL FOR INSTRUCTORS

      > Greetings,
      > I (perhaps foolishly) volunteered to teach an overview of
      > Costuming. I don't know if it will make it into the schedule because the
      > last time I tried to teach it at a smaller costumer's guild event nobody
      > signed up. But hopefully I'll be hearing from Marquessa Laurellen soon.
      > Unfortunately, I don't know how to read Japanese (yet) and
      > been to Japan (yet) but I do the best I can with the English language
      > sources I've turned up to date. If my class actually gets scheduled it's
      > intended to be an overview of what's out there for benefit of those just
      > starting out. I can go into the gory details on an individual basis if
      > someone wants more information after the class. Hopefully this will be of
      > some help.
      > Maybe we need a Knowne Worlde Japanese Symposium?
      > YIS,
      > Murakami Tsuruko
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