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4640Re: Later than Heian clothing - Momoyama???

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  • Rahlyns Falconer-Beddes
    May 3, 2001
      --- In sca-jml@y..., "Anthony J. Bryant" <ajbryant@i...> wrote:
      > Rahlyns Falconer-Beddes wrote:
      > > I thought I mentioned that, silly me. Women's.
      > I'm sorry. I must have missed a few posts in the frenzy of the past
      > days.
      > What exactly are you looking for -- class, period, sex, age,
      whatever -- and
      > for what? I'll see if I can dig something up.
      > Effingham

      Class, well, upper, warrior class. Period, 1550 to 1600(ish - I'll
      go over) Female preferred, but some more knowledge on men's styles
      would be nice as well. Eventually I'd like to find out more and more
      about the time period in all aspects, but clothing seems to be where
      I start.
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