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4632Re: [SCA-JML] Later than Heian clothing - Momoyama???

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    May 3, 2001
      Barbara Nostrand wrote:

      > Baron Edward!
      > Greetings from Solveig!
      > >That would be some trick, as there is as yet no edited manuscript,
      > >only a few illustrations, and only a few written sections... <G>
      > Then, what was that thing that you showed me last Pennsic? I thought
      > that it was your cloting CA issue. Was it an armour CA instead?

      Ah, that was the armour CA.

      > >That's why I automatically up the scale about 10%, to fit the
      > >difference in body scale from historical Japanese to present day
      > >nanbanjin.
      > Are you sure that 10% enough? Historical Japanese were pretty
      > small compared to today. I've been in some of those old buildings.

      Assuming a 5'3" man as typical, adding 10% gives you a 5'9" man, which is
      typical today.

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