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  • fsjlb4@aurora.uaf.edu
    May 1, 2001
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      On Tue, 1 May 2001, Gara of Lions Gate wrote:

      > I hope you don't mind (oops too late if you do ;) ) but I forwarded your
      > request to the Steps, An Tir's email list. It is short notice, but
      > hopefully there will be some replies as to what classes people would like to
      > attend. I'm kicking myself because I'm in the midst of making the decision
      > to stay in Japan an extra year, and I'm 95% in favor of staying, but that
      > means not only being isolated from the SCA, but also missing KWAS amongst
      > other things.

      STAY IN JAPAN! Sorry, didn't mean to shout <G>.

      Seriously, I felt that way for a while, but once I got back I wished I had
      another year. The SCA will be here when you get back. Also, have you
      tried getting in touch with people in Japan. There is a group in
      Tokyo, I thought.

      If you have a choice, stay. Seriously, stay for as long as you can stand
      it and drink in as much as you can. Then you can come back and share!

      We'll be waiting for you when you do come back. Look forward to seeing
      you at Pennsic one of these days <G>

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