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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Apr 23, 2001
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      "Munson, Eric" wrote:

      > How many of us are teaching? is it too much to ask for a tentative class
      > list? That might be useful to everyone. Or am I missing a list on the
      > Pennsic site? It'd be good to have on Nobu's site...

      Good idea.

      Here's my class list (and I may have a few non Japanese classes on research and documentation as well):


      History of Japan I: prehistory - Nara period (to 784)

      This class is academic; the instructor, author of several books on Japanese history, will present a capsule history of the nation from its
      beginnings to the establishment of the imperial court in the city of Nara.

      History of Japan II: Nara and Heian periods (784-1183)

      See also History of Japan I, which this follows. The height of court culture will be presented as well as the rise of the military class.
      Also covered: the Genpei War.

      History of Japan III: Kamakura - Muromachi periods (1185-1573)

      See also History of Japan I, II. The mastery of the warrior culture. Covered are: the foundation of the shogunate, the attempted imperial
      coup of Emperor Go-Daigo, the fall of the Kamakura shogunate and the period of two imperial courts, the establishment of the
      Ashikaga/Muromachi shogunate, the Mongol invasion, and the Onin War which devastated the capital of Kyoto, etc.

      History of Japan IV: Sengoku and unification (1573-1600)

      See also History of Japan I, II, III. Covered are: the dissolution of the Muromachi shogunate, the rise of daimyo power, the Three
      Unifiers; culminating in the battle of Sekigahara which laid the foundation for the Tokugawa regime, etc.

      Japanese Onomastics: How to create a functional Japanese name for the SCA.

      A brief history of Japanese naming practices will be presented. Covered will be the different types and forms of men's an women's names,
      and what constitutes a proper Japanese name.

      Japan's Christian Century

      A history course concentrating on Japan's 100-year long flirtation with Christianity, discussing the main figures and issues involved in
      the Christian missions and the visscitudes of the mission's fortunes, up to the 17th century "closing" of the country and the Christian

      Japanese Salon

      This is a chance for those who speak Japanese to gather and just talk about things and interests, and discuss Japanese re-enacting in the

      Classical Japanese workshop

      This is a class that will provide the basics of grammar and vocabulary of Japanese as it was written and spoken from the 11th C. to the
      16th. Some level of Japanese ability would be a good thingノ

      The Japanese personae in the SCA

      Where to find information, how to do research, the types of personae that work, a thumbnail history of Japan. A bibliography of Japanese
      references and resource materials will be provided for a small fee to cover photocopying.

      Japanese armour slide show (if possible)

      The "instructor" will show lots and lots of slides of Japanese armour, discussing what appears on the slides and how it fits into history
      and the SCA.

      Japanese costume slide show

      The "instructor" will show lots and lots of slides of Japanese men's and women's costume, discussing what appears on the slides and how it
      fits into history and the SCA.

      --Yama Kaminari site --

      Japanese Armour

      The instructor is the author of several books on Japanese history and armour and a member of the Japanese Society for Arms and Armour
      Research and Preservation. The history and typology of armours in Japan will be covered. The instructor will discuss methods of making
      Japanese armour SCA-legal. Actual armour samples will be available for study.

      Japanese Men's Clothing

      The instructor will present the history of Japanese men's clothing from the height of Heian (10th C.) to 1600, and discuss how it is made.
      Appropriate materials and patterns will be discussed. Patterns and diagram materials will be available for a small fee to cover

      --extra curricular--

      Japanese Tournament

      Baron Edward of Effingham, aka Hiraizumi T决okur�Tadanobu no Ason, is sponsoring this event. It is a "standard SCA double-elim" list; the
      one restriction is that all participants must wear Japanese armour and fight with an approximation of Japanese weapons. No European armour
      (unless it's converted to Japanese) and no "sword and board." There will be a prize for the list victor, as well as the one with the
      best-looking suit of armour. Baron Edward will decide the latter, while the Buddhas and kami will determine the former.

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