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4450Re: [SCA-JML] (unknown)

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Apr 23, 2001
      Don Luby wrote:

      > Yes; AFAIK, all of the Japanese (and possibly some of the other
      > Oriental classes too, but I don't know for certain) will be held in a
      > small-ish (10' x 20') pavillion in our camp.

      Not all. The only classes I'm teaching in camp are the armour and garb classes. I've got about 14 Japanese classes scheduled for the
      regular A&S area. People know where it is and they don't need to be led to camp, the "rooms" are big enough (I just don't know the space
      we'll have in camp and want to see what happens this year), and it puts me closer to the classes *I* want to take. <G>

      > > Or is it closer to where you store the giant penis? (joke! joke!)
      > We store our ritual fertility object in a very safe place, lest
      > mischief occur to it.

      From what I hear, it causes its own mischief. How many kids, now? <G>

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