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43[SCA-JML] Re: tv show or movie????

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  • Bruce Mills
    Oct 10, 1999
      On Sun, 10 Oct 1999, Anthony J. Bryant wrote:

      > > rather hard to document the kamishimo to SCA period - as in right post
      > > period but no records (available) to show it was *in* period.
      > Akimoya-dono, how could you say such a thing? <G>
      > The nagabakama the men wear at court (the LOOOOONG hakama) are post
      > period, as are the folded, starched and winged kataginu that they wear.
      > These are the two most recognizable items of samurai official wear, and
      > they didn't appear until around 1620-50. It's VERY post period. Much of
      > the other gear is period, but do NOT rely on clothing you see in Edo era
      > films, as certain trends had developed which were markedly modern and
      > not period.

      Well, wouldn't you say 1620 is "right post period", in the larger scheme of
      things? I didn't say 1601 on the dot. It might even be considered *in*
      period, if, according to some, period stretches to 1650...

      Sheesh! Nit pickers! :-}

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