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4159Re: [SCA-JML] Re: sword question for SCA events

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  • Nate Ledbetter
    Apr 10, 2001
      --- miles_robinson@... wrote:
      > My understanding was that the one in question was
      > Musashi after he
      > turned about 29 or 30. The story that I had read as
      > a forward to his
      > Book of Five Rings was that he no longer needed the
      > swords and so did
      > not use them.

      There is also a story about Tsukuhara Bokuden, who
      predated Musashi by about 50 years or so. When on a
      boat ride, some gruff character was bragging about how
      good he was and asked what Bokuden's school was.
      Bokuden replied "Mutekatsu-ryu", or "the winning
      without hands (swords)" school. Having obviously never
      heard of this school, the braggart challenged Bokuden,
      and Bokuden suggested they row to a little island to
      settle the matter. When they got there, the braggart
      hopped out, but turned around to see Bokuden push the
      boat from shore, stranding him on the island. Bokuden
      beat his opponent without "hands"....

      This was the inspiration for the incident in Bruce
      Lee's "Enter the Dragon"...great scene.


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