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4050Re: [SCA-JML] sword question for SCA events

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  • Melissa Hoy
    Apr 4 3:58 PM
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      Just thought I would share an amusing anecdote about myself and my live

      I was at a demo in a large mall, for the opening of 'First Knight' (that
      interesting movie with Sean Connery and that other cute guy...) and forgot
      that I was wearing my sword, it being a normal part of my garb.

      I did not notice the looks folks were giving me and my friends, nor did I
      notice that a security guard had been trailing myself and my companions
      until his partner cut us off and he caught up with us. It took us about
      twenty minutes to explain that we were not dangerous and why we were wearing
      funny clothes. They escorted us to our vehicles and watched us lock our
      swords in my friends trunk. Not once did they relax until our swords were
      locked away.

      We were followed back into the mall and around to the theatres. The guards
      were still there when the movie got out...

      And the entertaining bit: The movie was sponsored by a country radio
      station... The theatre was full of cowboys... *Grin*

      So, steel bearers beware! ^_^

      Hatakeyama no Kaede,
      Kingdom of Artemesia
      Barony Loch Salann
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