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4047Re: [SCA-JML] sword question for SCA events

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  • Ash Smith
    Apr 4, 2001
      I had HEARD a story (note: not read) of a samurai in japan who became so
      good with a sword he felt it was unfair to use a metal blade in combat, and
      made a wooden sword which he sharpened (using a burn-hardening technique)
      He supposedly never lost a battle with his wooden sword(s?).
      But kept his metal one on him when he met with someone he considered of
      equal/close skill in combat.

      Anyone know if this is just a myth or?


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      > On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, Anthony J. Bryant wrote:
      > > This is one reason I keep planning to make a gitou (a fake sword) with
      the fancy
      > > fittings for court wear, that has no real blade.
      > So, how would that work? A handle attached to a scabbard? Or would there
      > be a wooden blade.
      > BTW, for whoever was asking about wooden blades: I saw something claiming
      > that wooden blades had been in use since about the time swords came to
      > Japan. Bokken or Bokutou have been training tools for a long time; the
      > concept of a shinai didn't come around until much later and then it was a
      > leather bag covering bamboo cut into 16-32 strips. IIRC, it's
      > introduction was to allow the practitioners to actually make combat at
      > something resembling full force, rather than pulling the blows as they had
      > to learn to do with the bokutou.
      > -Ii
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