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4009Re: [SCA-JML] sword question for SCA events

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  • Chris Gregory
    Apr 3, 2001
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      I'm not sure about other places, but down here in Black Diamond, Atlantia,
      the custom is to only wear steel in court if you have an Award of Arms (or
      you have so many that it would be inconveniencing everyone else to take them
      off when called up.) In the event in general, you'd need to check with the
      autocrat and authorities first. Eating knives are not a weapon, and you
      might be able to pass off a sharp tanto as an eating knife.

      About the sharpness factor, you can certainly injure someone with an Iaitou,
      but then again you can kill someone with a pencil, but those aren't illegal.
      It depends on how you use it and in what circumstances you use it.

      PS: What is the history of the bokken? I have one and want to bring it to
      events, but I'm not sure of the chronology of it.

      Richard till further notice

      "A monk in all seriousness asked Joshu 'Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?'
      Joshu retorted 'Mu!'"
      Koan 1, Mumonkan, Wu-men
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