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3970Re: [SCA-JML] Armour question

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  • Craig Gehlert III
    Mar 31 6:02 PM
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      >Hello all!
      >I am having a reoccuring problem with my armour and thought that others might have insight as to how to fix it. The front of my kusazuri gets caught between my legs when I take a wide stance when using two weapons and a great weapon. After I get home from practice, the insides of my thighs are bruised up from the solid lames of the front panel getting wedged in my legs. Is there something I can do to overcome this as far as designing a new suit? Is this a common thing? What has anyone else done about having the same problems?
      >Thanks for all your attention,
                     how big are your kusazuris? and  how many do you have  from your do?

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