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38[SCA-JML] Re: tv show or movie????

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  • Bruce Mills
    Oct 10, 1999
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      On Sun, 10 Oct 1999, BattleWear wrote:

      > The show just finished 10 min ago, and when it ended it showed what looked
      > like clips from the next show. It looks like a really good show, now I only
      > wish I could understand Japanese :) LOL! I am trying to set it on reminder
      > on my digital cable box ) but it hasnt shown up yet for the next show, but
      > I am going to check for the next fw days, I am going to look at taping it if
      > I can, seeing as you have seen this ( or may have ) the items and clothing
      > in the show, are they period? can they be used in a SCA fashion? it has
      > given me some ideas, but of course I am STILL looking for more on the
      > Japanese tents :)

      Well, since the Genroku Era is around 1688, it is post-SCA-period, but
      there weren't many changes in styles, in men's fashions anyway. It is
      rather hard to document the kamishimo to SCA period - as in right post
      period but no records (available) to show it was *in* period.

      I can't speak to how good this series is in accurcy and historicity, but
      the tale of the 47 Ronin is a national, heroic tale, and I can't see them
      going too far wrong with it.

      I'm not sure, but the title may be "Men of the Genroku Era", not "Tales",
      but don't quote me on that. I can't find it in the IMDB or through web
      serches (yet).

      From what I remember, it is an excellent show. One of the many things that
      prompted me to turn Japanese :-}

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