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3475Re: [SCA-JML] greetings!

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  • Stephen Higa
    Feb 7, 2001
      Re: [SCA-JML] greetings!

      > If you can find a jabisen.

      What do they look like?  I have seen the sanxian, and the vietnamese one, but...

      > If you want to do shamisen, I think you have to give up the idea of
      > being a monk. Shamisen didn't really make it early on as a monastic
      > instrument; the tradition of the biwa was far too strong. If you *must*
      > get a shamisen, develop an entertainer persona, as these would have been
      > the folks popularizing it.

      That sounds good, but I really would like a monk persona.  However, wouldn't it be interesting to be a No female-impersonator?  Or a male prostitute?  I have a (female) friend who's a 16th c. Florentine courtesan... ;)

      > No, I just spent a lot of time in bars singing enka. And I have some
      > friends (well, had... I've not been in contact for a while...sigh) who
      > are Noh performers, and who showed me lots of cool tricks. Don't ask how
      > long it took me to learn just to *walk* for Noh. And it's been like 10
      > years, so of course I've forgotten it all and wasted yet another cool
      > thing I once knew how to do. That sux, b'lieve me.

      OH no!  That does sound really cool!  It would be neat to have a No actor persona... :)

      > No, I'm not a musician. Not a singer, either, as you'd know if you'd
      > ever been in Usami when I had the mike. <G>

      he he :)

      Health attend you,
      Nameless Person
      Qu'er non es grazitz lunhs mestiers
      menhs en cort que de belh saber
      de trobar -- qu'auzir e vezer
      hi vol hom mais captenhs leugiers
      e critz mesclatz ab dezonor.

                      --Guiraut Riquier, 1292

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