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33[SCA-JML] Question de jour

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  • Ron Martino
    Sep 24, 1999
      I'm in search of a decent Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary,
      though I'll buy two separate volumes if I need to. What I want is the
      Japanese portions in both kana and kanji, not romaji; i.e. if I want to
      look up 'eigakan', I want to be able to look under the kana for 'e',
      find the appropriate word, have the kanji shown, then the English
      definition of 'movie theater'. Going the other way, I want to be able to
      look up 'movie theater' and be shown both the kanji and the kana
      pronunciation. Having the words used in sentences and the like would be
      nice, but not necessary. Does something like this exist, or am I
      destined for disappointment?

      While we're talking dictionaries, what do folks think of the electronic
      ones on the market? Are any of them comprehensive enough to make them

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