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28801O-umajirushi, Early Edo Japanese Heraldry

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  • Charles Dodge
    Aug 27 2:27 PM
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      A fellow SCAdian is doing a Kickstarter to translate and bring to life a valuable resource on Japanese Heraldry. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/xavid/o-umajirushi-17th-century-samurai-heraldry/posts He is adding annotations and notes to help explain some of the oddness of linages and usage and a chapter on how to use the heraldry besides crests.
      He has well made his goal but if you're a herald or have a Japanese persona you might want this.
      There is only five days left for this kickstarter so please check it out soon, $10 for a PDF and $25 for a softcover book. For the SCA-JML list, my apologies for above but wanted to remind many of the folks here that there is only five days left.