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28790Re: Treason during the Sengoku period

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  • James Eckman
    Aug 10, 2014
      > Posted by: "Michael"
      > The question was, why are the Yagyu viewed in most popular fiction as evil bad guys, not weather what they did was right or wrong.
      I guess that depends on what you are watching or reading. Some 80's
      shows showed them as heroes/victims while others as the heavy. Kind of
      like the Iga/Koga rivalry. Ninja and Jidaigeki are now out of fashion
      for the most part so you don't see much of this either way now on the
      > None of us truly know what actual conditions were in that time, history is written by the victors so we now only know what 250 years of Tokugawa rule allows us to know.
      There are written documents from the losers in this period as well, so
      that's not the case.
      > If your Japanese teacher is not fluent in the nuances of 16th century katakana and kanji and the proper use of the grammar of the age then they are really just fans of history like us.
      He was a history major (from a Japanese university) who specialized in
      the later Sengoku period, mostly about the impact of Christianity. If I
      never read another Endo Shusaku novel (Chinmoku or Samurai) I will be a
      happy man.