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28763Study of Archaic Braiding Techniques in Japan, by Masako Kinoshita

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  • greek_nakos
    Jul 7 6:29 PM

      Help, I need this book.....ok maybe not need but really would like to at least hold a library copy.

      Doing some research on kumihimo, both marudai/takadai and kute-uchi, and I keep seeing this book over and over. I have a few Roderick Owen, a Jaqui Carey book and I know Masako is the premier authority on kute-uchi. 

      But the cheapest I can find this book is on Amazon for $380 and according to WorldCat only two libraries have a copy, one in Georgia and one in Los Angeles. I'm going to hit up the Army War College library and see if they can do an inter-library loan. 

      Does anyone know of physical copy location? Or anyone currently in Japan that can try to locate a cheaper copy for me?


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