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28757NHK World Programming available online

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  • wodeford
    May 22, 2014
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      One of the nice things about living in the San Francisco Bay Area is that I can get NHK World programming on TV, which means a nice variety of programming from Japan in English. In addition to regular news broadcasts in English, they feature programming on travel, culture, language learning ("See it and speak it!"), cooking and so forth. Last night I watched a program called "Kabuki Kool", for instance, which featured onnagata (actors playing female roles). Saturday night programming usually features a lavishly produced Taiga drama: currently on offer is "Strategist Kanbe."

      If you don't get NHK programming through your normal TV source, you CAN stream some NHK content to your phone, computer or tablet:  


      Saionji no Hana

      West Kingdom

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