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28737Forgive The Intrusion- Seeking Someone From Gulf Wars

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  • kegage
    Mar 17, 2014
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      Please excuse my intrusion upon this group, and I beg your indulgence for what is a personal matter, but I believe that this may the best way for me to find the person I am seeking.

      I am looking for a person of the Japanese persona persuasion who honored me by giving favorable commentary on my Japanese clothing in the main hall at Gulf war some where around 8:30-8:45pm on Friday night. If I remember correctly he was wearing a black hakama and a black and silver, or white, print kosode.

      I may have inadvertently been rude to him, and I feel the need to explain the situation, as that was not my intention.

      If he, or someone who knows him, recognizes his clothes, or this incident, please contact me by private message. Later, once I have communicated with him, I may explain more.

      Thank you for allowing this humble one to use this forum to try to put aright an inadvertent wrong.

      Your most humble and honored servant
      Uryuu Izumitarou Ujishige