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28703Re: [SCA-JML] good deals on swords

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  • Michelle Touketto
    Nov 28, 2013
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      Congratulations on the great deal!  And that also strikes me as an odd practice.  It's not the first time I've seen the word pacifist combined with a culture that wouldn't have had the first notion what that word meant or why one would want to be it.  And there are very few Pagan trads that don't use some kind of blade as part of ritual/symbolism, even if it's just a dull dagger or knife.  Requiring them to be peace-tied is what most fests out here (Indiana/Midwest) do if they are in an area, like a public park, that has rules about sharp pointy things or like conventions.  I suppose it would make more sense as a festival rule if the festival is put on by a group that has that particular belief and/or that's what the festival is about, but it doesn't make sense if it's a general pagan festival.

      Hope you find some new festivals to showcase your swords!

      Gwenhwyvar of Sternfeld

      On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 12:04 PM, rjb@... <rjb@...> wrote:

      Wow, that was quite a score, consider me jealous:)
      As for the Pagan festival, that is one gathering I'd stop attending, and I'd tell the festival organizers why. Seriously, I can't stand fluffy bunny crap like insisting that all Pagans are (or must be) pacifists. I guess they forget about Asatru and other paths which embrace warrior traditions and beliefs. That, and I know some Pagans who are career military, I'm sure the concept that all Pagans are pacifists by default would be news to them.
      Aimee aka Hirokawa no Tsuru

      "All knowledge is worth having."  Anafiel Delaunay, Kushiel's Dart.
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