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28699Re: Period pattern...uh...patterns?

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  • LJonthebay
    Nov 23, 2013
      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, <mitchell.willie@...> wrote:
      > I know that there are a great many traditional fabric patterns, and they're *gorgeous*. I also know there are more than a handful of weavers in the SCA, scattered about. Has any attempt been made to record the intersection of their Venn diagram of interests? Have SCAdian (or other) weavers attempted to sit down and write weaving instructions/patterns/thread counts for these fabric patterns, or were most of them painted/dyed on in period?

      Some were woven, some were dyed, some were embroidered - though there appears to be a die-out of embroidery and it reappears in imitation of Chinese embroideries and brocades in the 16th century. Some were even stenciled with rice paste and had gold leaf applied to them.

      There are Japanese companies who make ceremonial clothing and items for re-enactors. They are rightly stratospheric in price. http://www.takata-courtrobe.co.jp/en1.htm

      I don't know anyone in the SCA who has attempted weaving any kind of Asian textiles except for kumihimo braid.

      Saionji no Hana, OL
      West Kingdom
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