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  • L Joseph
    Sep 8, 2013
      Moderator's apology for hitting the wrong button and deleting the original message which follows.

      ----- Forwarded Message -----

      Greetings Friends!

      The Good Gentles running Estrella War would like to showcase a Japanese Tea Ceremony at Estrella War XXX in February of next year.

      As one of the few Japanese personas, I was asked to assist.

      Well, I don't have any experience with this ceremony.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated from the more knowledgeable and experienced Gentles of this list. Not only do I welcome any insights on the list, but I will be at Great Western War again this year and will happily sit with any willing to teach me some basics during that time.

      (****Note: I have been forcibly entered into the testing of the Yahoo groups NEO and can only sometimes access any of the files at this point. I would appreciate any files be sent to my list email: lorik_gryphon AT yahoo DOT com.)

      Your humble servant,
      Koga Takashiro Kagehiro, called Takago

      [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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